Getting rich, slow. Start of the journey.

After long deliberation, I determined that building a bulk of portfolio passively, is going to be good enough for me. I have a demanding job, and don’t want to keep my head clear enough to be excelling at my intellectually challenging job at uncertain times in my company.

So, today’s order is placed on VOO, which I plan to add over time, monthly, based on savings and surplus if I keep discipline and limit my shopping binges. VOO is an S&P 500 cap-weighted index. Trading costs for me are 0, due to having a bank account at Bank of America and getting 30 free Merrill Lynch trades a month.


It is going to be a boring journey of dollar cost averaging. To keep me entertained i have an old AMZN position, which had an amazing run and a recent TSLA position which is there for the long haul.

So today’s order is:

2 VOO @ 200.22

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